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Mountain Made K9 Academy

Are you looking to become a Certified Professional Dog Trainer? Or Maybe learn how to effectively train your own Service Dog? Would you like to be able to complete these programs virtually? At Mountain Made K9 we offer the most comprehensive program(s) to provide you with the best educational experience possible. Developed by educational professionals and leaders in the dog training industry, our certification program(s) are designed not only to teach you how to become a dog trainer, but also how to start and grow your own business! 

Additional Information 

*All courses must be paid for in full before the start of the first class

*Registration must be completed by contacting Mountain Made K9 directly either through the website or via email

*Each course has a limited amount of spaces so that each student is able to receive the individualized assistance they need to be able to succeed in the course(s)

For Registration please contact Mountain Made K9:

Upcoming Classes

Winter 2024

February 2024

Mountain Peak Pet Trainer Certification Course

Registration begins September 1, 2023

Non-refundable Deposit Required (goes toward the total cost of the program): $750

Total Cost: $3,500


10 week course that meets live virtually twice/week

Winter 2024

Date: TBD

Foundational Skills for Service Dog Certification Course

*Pre-requisite: Pet Trainer Certification Course

Winter 2024

February 2024


1. Service Dog Task Training: Scent Training for Medical Alerts

2. Service Dog Task Training: Forward Momentum Pulling

3. Service Dog Task Training: Tracking

4. Service Dog Task Training: Deep Pressure Therapy and Lite Pressure Therapy

5. Service Dog Task Training:  Counter Balance and Bracing

6. Service Dog Task Training: Opening/Closing Doors/Drawers

7. Service Dog Task Training: Behavior Interruptions 

8. Service Dog Task Training: Alert to Alarms for Reminders

Registration Begins: September 1, 2023

Cost: $250 Each Webinar 

Non-Refundable Deposit: $150 for each webinar 

2-3 Hour Live, Virtual Webinars conducted via Google Meets with a certified, professional Service Dog Trainer

*Need help with individual task training? Learn how to teach your Service Dog the tasks you need! We teach you the step-by-step, how-to process of individual task training!

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