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Our Emotional Support Animals are trained at the highest level of reliable obedience. In addition, each of our dogs is put through intense, proper socialization and desensitization training, receives confidence training, and goes through the basics for public access training so you can feel confident when taking your pup with you to pet friendly locations.

***Emotional Support animals as NOT the same as task trained Service Dogs and DO NOT have public access rights in non-pet friendly location.

***All Emotional Support animals come complete with a certificate of program completion, Emotional Support Certificate, and Mountain Made K9 Emotional Support Dog Vest

***Before taking your Emotional Support Dog home, each handler is required to take our 5 session Dog training course that is included in the cost of the dog. This course includes private sessions with your dog to encourage bonding, teaches the handler about their rights and all about the laws regarding emotional support animals, public access outings to teach the handler and dog how to work together in public settings, and so much more! 

Available Emotional Support Dogs

Have your own dog already?

Do you have your own dog that you would like trained as your personal emotional support animal? Our 5 week board and train program is designed to prepare you and your pup to be a great emotional support animal team! For more information, check out our “Board and Train” page on our website. 

**** Going through our 5 week board and train program does not guarantee your dog is an Emotional Support Dog. You MUST inform us of your desire to have your dog trained as such as our regular 5 week board and train program and 5 week board and train for Emotional Support Dogs are different.



Adopted! Check out our TikTok to see how she’s doing!

Ember is a 3 year old female white German Shepherd and is an absolute sweetheart! She loves hugs and cuddles, making people laugh, and sharing her big heart with those around her. She loves people, is great with kids, and loves cats. This girl will warm your heart and be a positive edition to any family in need of a loving, affectionate, fully trained dog. 

***Ember has started foundational training for Service Dog Task Training and would make a great Psychiatric Service Dog



Ghost is a a big gentle giant who would make a wonderful pet or fantastic Emotional Support Animal. He's incredibly friendly with kids, all people, and cats! Halloween is his favorite holiday and he LOVES to go Trick-or-Treating with kids around the neighborhood! Although he went  through significant trauma before coming to us, he has done amazing with healing emotionally, physically, and mentally and is still a sweet, affectionate, loving boy!


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