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About Mountain Made K9

Welcome to Mountain Made K9!

Meet the Trainer!

Hello! It is wonderful to meet you. My name is Alisha Anderson. My husband, Nate, and I are currently living in Billings, MT with our cat, Ollivander, and 2 dogs, Timber and Trinket. Timber is Black/Bicolor German Shepherd and is a fully task trained service dog. Trinket is a Golden Retriever and is in training to be a Therapy Dog so she can share her loving heart with others. Ollivander, our adorable Ragdoll cat, makes us laugh every day. My husband is a former professional athlete, certified personal trainer, and a drafter for an engineering company. We love meeting new people, hiking, kayaking, spending time with family, playing board games, and living this adventure called life!

For the past 10 years, I have been working as an Educator who specializes in Autism Education. I received a bachelor’s degree in Spanish and Psychology from Fairmont State University, a Master’s Degree in Education from Liberty University, and am certified through one of the leading dog training programs, Top Tier K9. Working with students who were gifted, had ADHD, ODD, Hearing Impairments, Vision Impairments, Autism, TBIs, Dyslexia, mobility issues, and more in a classroom setting has been an amazingly wonderful experience. However, after needing my own personal service dog, I came to the realization that there was more work that could be done to further assist children, and people with special needs, outside of the classroom. So, I decided to build Mountain Made K9 to give families, children, and individuals with disabilities a chance to live more fulfilled lives with a dog by their side.

Mountain Made K9 was officially established in 2022. We take pride in training and producing the most confident, reliable, well rounded dogs who love to work! Our philosophies for training are based on Bloom’s Cognitive Taxonomy and we use classical and operant conditioning with a balanced approach which allows for greater consistency and dependability in the dog’s performance. In addition, we use fixed and free shaping to cultivate independent thinking strategies in our dogs that allow them to become reliable problem solvers. Whether you have a pet in need of basic obedience work, have a goal you are trying to reach with your dog, or a puppy you are putting through one of our puppy programs, we can help you and your dog live a happy, fulfilling life together.

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